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Two carts for the price of one!

The original Turn-About cart converts from shelf storage for clean linens, to a bin for soiled laundry. One trip from the laundry with clean linen. One trip back using the same cart for soiled linen.

Turn-About Delivery Carts

Standard Models:

650-M: 41 cu.ft. capacity
W:27.5 L:51 H:62 D:51

650-SX: 41 cu.ft. capacity
W:27.5 L:51 H:59 D:51

650-SXB: with non-marking bumper
W:28.5 L:52 H:59 d:51

650-X: 45 cu.ft. capacity
W:28 L:54.5 H:59 d:51

650-XB: with non-marking bumper
W:29 L:55.5 H:59 D:51

650-NX: 48 cu.ft. capacity
W:28 L:54.5 H:63 D:55

650-NXB: with non-marking bumper
W:29 L:55.5 H:63 d:55

650-L: 56 cu.ft. capacity
W:28.5 L:59.75 H:66 d:57.5

650-LB: with non-marking bumper
W:29.5 L:60.75 H:66 D:57.5

Standard Features:

1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Heavy-duty Performa casters
Caster thread guards
2 chest handles
Drain holes
2 removable shelves
Shelves slant back 2.5″
Converts to a bin cart
9 standard colors

Click HERE for standard specifications.


Hanger bar
Standard platform
Towing system
Document pocket
Non-Marking rubber bumper
Custom stencil
Caster position locks
Spring-loaded handles
Alternate casters
Caster brake
Stainless push handle
Tow system
Conveyor plate
Document pocket
Nylon conver
Hand holes
Drain valve

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

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