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No More Aching Back And Lost Time Injuries From Stooping, Bending and Unloading Pieces From A Cart!

This cart was designed for laundries where workers unload pieces from carts.  The Spring Platform sits under a moveable bottom and raises the load as pieces are removed.  Time is also saved, because the worker does not need to bend to unload the bottom
of the cart.  The Spring Platform cart is also used in manufacturing.

Spring Platform Utility Carts


2460-7 7 bushel capacity
W:27 L:37 H:27 D:20

2460-12 12 bushel capacity
W:27 L:37 H:35 D:27.5

2460-14 14 bushel capacity
W:30 L:42 H:35 D:27.5

2460-18 18 bushel capacity
W:30 L:54 H:35 D:27.5

2460-30 30 bushel capacity
W:36 L:60 H:35 D:27.5

2460-40 40 bushel capacity
W:52 L:52 H:35 D:27.5

2460-190 13 bushel capacity
W:24 L:56 H:31 D:24.5

2460-190-X 14 bushel capacity
W:24 L:58 H:31 D:24.5

2460-190-72 17 bushel capacity
W:24 L:72 H:31 D:24.5

2460-190-112 27 bushel capacity
W:27 L:112 H:31 D:24.5

2460-190-120 29 bushel capacity
W:24 L:120 H:31 D:24.5

Standard Features

1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Heavy-duty 5″ Poly casters with sealed precision bearings (600# rating per caster)
Caster thread guards
9 Standard colors

Spring Platform

4 Coil springs support movable bottom
Bottom raises as load is removed
No bending and stooping
Bottom unloads as quickly as items on top
Supports 100-400 lbs. depending on model


Platform seal
Rubber bumper
Hinged split lid
Flat lid
Document pocket
Tow system
Stainless push handle
Nylon cover
Platform carpet
Cart liner
Platform stabilizer
Removable platform
Solid bottom
Caster position lock
Caster brake
Alternate casters
Custom stencil
Custom color

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

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