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Need a cart with a small footprint that holds large loads and can snug up to your machines?

The Sanitrux slant side cart takes up a small amount of space and its large capacity will handle large, heavy loads with no problem. It snugs right up to any tilt-front washer, dryer or extractor. Heavy duty Poly Hi-tech casters make moving the load in narrow places easy

Slant Side Carts

240: 24 bushel capacity
W:39 L:63 H;33 D:26

Click HERE for standard specifications.

Standard Features

1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Poly Hi-Tech casters
Caster thread guards
9 standard colors


Drain valve
Drain holes
Rubber bumper
Nylon cover
Document pocket
Tow system

Caster position lock
Caster brake
Alternate casters
Custom Stencil
Custom color

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

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