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How Much Theft Can Your Business or Facility Absorb?

Secure your valuables.  Maintain your expensive inventory.  Safeguard your customers’ identity.
Sanitrux security carts partner with your facility to stop theft.  Carts are made of strong, certified Class II fire retardant fiberglass.  Stainless steel locks and optional welded steel lock frames make these professional looking carts very difficult to break into.  Sanitrux locking carts grace hotels for towel, bathrobe and guest extras storage.  Sanitrux security carts are used in correctional facilities throughout the country.

Security Carts

Guardian Series

GS-96-W for Bio-Hazard
GS-96-R for Recycling
GS-96-SD for Secured document
19 cu.ft. capacity
W:27 L:32 H:47 D:38
1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Domed fire lid
Rubber bumper
Chrome lid lock
Heavy-duty Performa casters
Caster thread guards
Stainless push handle
9 standard colors

Locking Refuse Carts

All 13 TC Model Refuse Carts can be ordered with the option of a stainless steel lid lock, converting them to security refuse or materials handling carts. Sizes range from small (18 cu.ft capacity) to large (56 cu.ft. capacity).

For detailed information on all TC Refuse carts click HERE.

Click HERE for standard specifications for all Sanitrux carts.

Locking Shelf Carts

L-55-SDL: 35 cu. ft. capacity
W:27 L:46 H:60 D:49
L-55-DL: 47 cu. ft. capacity
W:27 L:61.5 H:60 D:49
L-55-LDL: 61 cu. ft. capacity
W:33 L:66 H:60 D:49
Fold-away doors
Molded handle recesses
2 chrome push handles
2 toolless, adjustable shelves
Stainless steel lock
Heavy-duty Performa casters
9 standard colors

For detailed information on all shelf carts click HERE.

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

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