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Easily Avoid The 5 Most Common Cart Problems That Can Cost A Business In Fires, Employee Injuries, Lawsuits, Building Damage and Facility Down-time…

The manufacturer claims their cart will hold 850 pounds.  And it does.  Try moving it loaded.  Not a chance.  It buckles and bows.  Your employees put themselves at risk of injury.  It won’t budge.

You think you are getting a fire-retardent cart with Certification FM-6921 – only to find the cart burns like a torch, and does not meet ANY fire code.
You thought it did. (Click HERE For Fire Facts that most manufacturers will not tell you.)

You buy carts that you’re convinced “will last 7 to 10 years…” They self destruct in 2.  The warranty is worthless.  You now have to find the cash to replace them.  Not a good ROI.

You want attractive carts that demonstrate your professionalism and match your company colors, but the market only seems to offer what look like ugly, plastic garbage cans on wheels.

So you shop price.  Who wouldn’t?  You’re pleased with yourself when you find an alternative with a high ROI.  A bit more money.  A lot longer life. (5 times longer…) In great colors. With your logo.

Problems Solved…

Know What 6,943 Sanitrux Return Customers Know.That Sanitrux Carts…

  • Meet or exceed stringent industry criteria
  • Are certified fire retardant
  • Comply with ALL fire and public safety codes
  • Easily move heavy loads
  • Enhance the safety of any facility
  • Last 5 times longer than other carts
  • Are easy to wash and sanitize
  • Save money in cart replacement costs
  • Extend an “over the top” 7 year warranty
  • Offer a significant return on investment
  • Look professional with company colors & logo

Construction Basics:

  • Ergonomically designed to save injuries
  • High impact, tinted, fire retardant structural fiberglass
  • Reinforced bottoms in most models
  • Smooth inside surface for easy washing and sanitizing
  • Clear coat outside over textured surface
  • Chemical, alkalai and acid resistant
  • Large, heavy-duty casters make moving easy

Sanitrux Carts are available in 16 models. Specifications and Descriptions for each model can be found by clicking on the picture below that shows the type of cart you are looking for.