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The Last Thing You Want In Your Facility Is An Ugly, Beaten To Bits Service Cart.

Save labor dollars, and transport and store your company’s linens and tools in professionally designed Sanitrux carts.  This is highly critical for a business that is service based, such as hospitality, where public perception means quality or lack thereof.  We can help you customize carts that harmonize with the design and colors of your facility, so your service carts do not shout “Ugly utility cart!”  Sanitrux are known for their extreme durability, lasting 3-4 times longer than similar brands.  Sanitrux also helps your keep your facility safe, surpassing UFC, IFC, NFPA and California Title 19 fire codes for certified fire retardant qualities.  Some models are designed with locking doors to prevent theft.

Locking Linen Storage and Transport Carts

Locking Linen Carries

L-55-S W:27 L:46 H:60 D:49
L-55 W:27 L:61.5 H:60 D:49
L-55-L W:33 L:66 H:60 D:49
Vinyl front cover with zippers

Locking Linen Carries With Doors

L-55-SDL W:27 L:46 H:60 D:49
L-55-DL W:27 L:61.5 H:60 D:49
L-55-LDL W:33 L:66 H:60 D:49
Fold-away doors
Stainless steel lock

Standard Features

1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Molded handle recesses
2 Chrome push handles
Rubber bumper
Heavy-duty 8″ Performa casters with sealed precision ball bearings (600# rating per caster)
Caster thread guards
Caster position lock
2 toolless, adjustable shelves
Adjustable every 1/2 inch
9 standard colors


Hanger bar
Tow system
Document pocket
Stainless steel dividers
Caster brake
Alternate caster options
Custom cover
Custom color
Custom stencil

Click HERE for standard specifications for all Sanitrux carts.

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

Contact the professionals at McClure Industries for help reducing your linen transport and fire safety concerns. 1-800-752-2821 or email us.