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Every year an estimated 648,000 people in the U.S. develop infections during a hospital stay,
and about 75,000 die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

That’s more than twice the number of people who die each year in car crashes!  Unfortunately, many of these deaths from hospital acquired infections could have been prevented. Today and every day, hospitals and public facilities are demanding a more sterile environment from their laundries to help them attain their goal of 0% infection rate.

Owners, managers and purchasing agents who do business with hospitals, hotels, health clubs and spas are recognizing the necessity of sanitizing laundry germs, viruses, fungi, bacteria and other dangerous bio-hazards.

A cart washer is a long term investment.  To be absolutely certain that your purchase is the right investment choice, the choice you’ll be proud of for the next 15 to 20 years, you need a cart washer with a proven track record.  Saniwash was developed and refined over 35 years in response to hospital-acquired infections.​

Governmental agencies placed Saniwash systems in their laundries.
Hospital laundries, and large commercial laundries that contracted with hospitals followed.
Saniwash systems continue to be purchased and placed in laundries that sanitize critical linens.

We now have an Ultra Violet Germicidal Light Kit that comes standard on the Saniwash Cart Washer. Each kit consists of 5 bulbs; (4) 60″ lamps, (1) in each corner of the machine and (1) 48” lamp on the ceiling. Lamps are high-output (800mA), T5 diameter, and constructed from hard glass tubing for superior UV transmittance. Stainless steel shields are also installed behind each lamp to intensify the UV light many times its normal output.

The lamps are “green” containing < 8mg of mercury and they produce no ozone.  Lamps shall retain, at a minimum, 80% of initial output for 2 years (17,000 hours) of use. Each lamp is sealed in a water-tight quartz sleeve for moisture protection. The high-output UVC energy will eliminate most surface contaminants (mold, bacteria and other microbial biofilms) and reduce infectious airborne microbial contaminants within the cabinet.

Companies that already own a Saniwash understand the value that the Saniwash cart washing systems offers:

  • Saniwash cleans thoroughly and consistently, so that you know each cart is completely sanitized every time.
    Saniwash uses 2 moving washer booms.  This ensures the scrubbing action is thorough inside as well as outside the cart – other cart washers do not do this.
  • A high pressure washing system with a rotating nozzle pattern is standard. Dried soil deposits are removed off the cart body easily.
  • It uses an advanced, earth-friendly quat-based biocidal so germs, viruses and fungi are exterminated. Period. Click HERE to learn more about this advanced product.
  • Saniwash can be installed as part of a barrier wall to eliminate cross-contamination from soiled carts and contents.
  • We build it to last 20 years. This means that you do not have to replace the unit in 10 or 12 years, thereby maintaining a high return on initial investment.
  • It has corrosion resistant construction that does not rust, so you get years of clean use.
  • It has a chemical resistant finish and does not fade or stain.  The cabinet maintains a “like new” appearance.
  • Because of its sturdy, reliable, heavy-duty construction, you save a bundle on repairs and replacement.
  • Saniwash sanitizes up to 26 carts per hour with loading and unloading, saving valuable time.  Other brands process a mere 10 carts per hour.
  • It directly connects to existing utilities, saving money on new electrical, remodeling and construction.
  • It can be operated by one person so that labor costs remain low.
  • Saniwash is cost effective today and cost effective 20 years from now.
  • Saniwash has an already proven 35 year track record of exceeding all guidelines and standards. Fact is, Saniwash is the standard by which all brands measure up to.


Floor Mounted

  • 7′ 4″ wide
  • 8′ 3″ long
  • 8′ 0″ high
  • 10′ 11″ ht with motor/piping

Washes bin and convertible shelf carts up to 40″w x 55″l x 69″h x 72″ diagonal.

  • Fiberglass gell coat exterior
  • Stainless steel interior parts
  • Heavy-duty single or 3-phase motors
  • Dual boom washing system
  • High pressure wash
  • Two-minute sanitizing cycle
  • Uses 9 gal. of water/cycle
  • Connects to existing utilities
  • One year warranty,parts and workmanship
  • Two models available​

Supervised installation by a certified Saniwash technician with onsite training for operating and maintenance personnel.

  • Automatic cart eject
  • Remote station
  • Contamination barrier wall air intake kit
  • Additional high pressure side washing booms for enclosed carts

Call or email us to learn how Saniwash can help you keep and attract MORE BUSINESS.