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Large Heavy Loads?  Cutting Tight Corners?  No Problem!

6 different cart sizes with easy maneuver casters make linen transport a breeze even for the smallest operator.  Customize your carts with brakes, position locks, caster arrangement, hanger bars, tow systems, document pockets and more.

Bulk Linen Delivery Carts

6 Standard Models:

  • 600-C: 38 cu. ft. capacity W:28 L:41 H:67 D:58
  • 600-X: 45 cu. ft. capacity W:28 L:48 H:67 D:58
  • 600-M: 56 cu. ft. capacity W:28 L:60 H:67 D:58
  • 600: 36 cu. ft. capacity W:29 L:48 H:53.5 D:45
  • 610: 45 cu. ft. capacity W:29 L:50 H:62.5 D:54
  • 630: 51 cu. ft. capacity W:33 L:60 H:53.5 D:45

Click HERE for standard specifications.

Standard Features:

  • 1-piece molded construction
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Heavy-duty 6″ Performa casters with sealed precision ball bearings (500# rating per caster)
  • Caster thread guards
  • 2 chest handles
  • 9 standard colors


  • Hanger bar
  • Standard platform
  • Towing system
  • Document pocket
  • Non-Marking rubber bumper
  • Custom stencil
  • Caster position locks
  • Spring-loaded handles
  • 6″ poly casters (720# cap.)
  • And more

CURRENTLY BEING USED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, scientific research

Contact the professionals at McClure Industries for help reducing your linen transport and fire safety concerns. 1-800-752-2821 or email us.