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Thousands of Return Customers Can’t Be Wrong! Quality and Safety are Just Common Sense!

Lots of companies say their products are “the best”. This becomes meaningless when it is said so often. We can actually prove our quality. You can find FREE reports and checlists throughout our website that will help you in your euipment choices. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them with no pressure to buy.

When you purchase Sanitrux carts, Saniwash cart washers and cart moving systems, you can rest assured that you have just purchased a quality product that will last for decades. McClure Industries was founded on giving your business what you need, and providing the industry a higher level of common sense, engineered safety.


Del McClure, the founder of McClure Industries, is a veteran of the laundry industry. As a maintenenace engineer he saw that no thought had been put into the design and manufacture of carts used in laundries. He recognized problems in design and construction; carts that couldn’t hold weight without bulging, carts that were difficult to maneuver, and carts that caused back injuries from repetitive movement.

He occupied his insight, engineering experience and his knowledge of fiberglass construction and developed the line of Sanitrux carts. McClure Industried can count several “Firsts”. The Spring Platform cart answered the problem of emptying heavy loads piece by piece. As the pieces are unlaoaded, the platform bottom raises, eliminating bending and decreasing the time it takes to unload a cart. Another “First” is the much copied Turn-About cart. Shelves hold clean, folded laundry for dispensing. When empty, the sheleves convert to sides creating bin-style cart for dirty laundry…once cart that does two jobs.

In the 1980’s, Del realized the involvement of carts in laundry fires. He and his team developed a new fiberglass mixture that is fire retardant McClure Industries spent thousands of dollars having this new fiberglass mixture tested by independent laboratories to scientifically measure and ensure it’s fire retardant properties. Sanitrux now bears the highest seal of approval, certified Class II Fire Retardant by Wamock Hersey/Intertek. This certification ensures that each Sanitrux cart meets all requirements of all State and National fire codes, including California Title 19.

Having a great deal of insight, Del McClure recognized another problem in hospital laundries: the issue of re-infection. He and his team developed the Saniwash cart washer to alleviate two problems: 1 ) Re-infection, 2 )Harsh Chemicals that could not be applied by hand. Today, because of health concerns about hospital acquired infections, Saniwash is widely acknowledged as an integral part of hospital and commerical industries.

McClure Industries continues to recognize problems and develop systems to solve them. All of our products are built by craftsman whi carry on the legacy of quality construction to each detail.